“A network of likeminded professionals, nice to have contacts that understand the complexity of Medical Education”


Who it NAMEM for?

Membership is open to those working either full or part-time in medical and dental education be it alone or in a multidisciplinary setting.


In addition, affiliated professionals i.e NACT/NAMPS are also welcome to join

Membership Benefits

Membership is transferable to any successor at any time during the paid year. Benefits include:

  • Subsided fees for Annual Conference and study days

  • Incentive Scheme.

  • Access  and bursaries to the Postgraduate Certificate Training Programme  

  • An opportunity to have a national voice with affiliated organisations such as GMC/HEE.

  • Access to the membership section of the website.

  • An invaluable network of information, knowledge and examples of best practice.

  • Up to the minute news in Medical and Dental Education.

  • An invitation to the Association’s regular meetings.

  • Opportunity for election as a regional representative on NAMEM council.



The annual subscription fee is currently £85 per annum.


This fee is determined annually at conference at the Annual General Meeting.

Join Now

If you wish to become a member please complete the application form below and email to: