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Everyone at Conference has one vote for their chosen poster. Any additional votes will be removed. 

The full poster titles are listed below, with the corresponding number (and short title) in the voting form. 

  1. Enhancing paediatric communication skills through patient voice

  2. Primum Non Nocere, Exposing Medical staff to the Coroner’s Court

  3. A hitchhiker’s guide to departmental teaching

  4. Dignity at Work Project

  5. Mission Impossible, Using an escape room as a learning tool

  6. SBAR Grapevine, an innovative simulation to aid handover

  7. Introducing psychiatric simulation into the undergraduate medical curriculum

  8. TEWV Educational Internal Audit Framework

  9. Transforming Surgical Education: Quality and Innovation within Medical Education

  10. TrUST - Training Undergraduate Clinical Skills Team

  11. Transforming Foundation Supervisors into Dynamic Mentors

  12. Implementing Psychiatric Simulation Based Education for the MDT

  13. Learning Together at Barts Health

  14. Ensuring a Softer Landing for Cornwall's IMG Doctors in Training

Poster Voting

Your Poster winner is:

THANK YOU... The Winner will be announced soon.

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