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Appreciative Inquiry Workshop - 10th April 24

Following on from the success of the Appreciative Inquiry presentation at the NAMEM

conference in 2023, this interactive workshop continues NAMEM’s journey with

Appreciative Inquiry.

We will cover the philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry and practical application using tools

that have been specifically tailored to NAMEM members for the delivery of medical

education and your own personal development.

Topics include:

• Language and the power of words

• Strengths

• Behaviours and civility

• How to “Be more astronaut”

The intended outcomes for attendees include:

• Looking at Appreciative Inquiry methodology and seeing how it applies to Medical

Education and your personal development

• Having a range of appreciative inquiry tools

• Identifying Appreciative language and understanding the impact of language

• Identifying the impact of behaviour and incivility

• How to use Appreciative Feedback

The workshop will be delivered by Amanda Mohabir, Consultant Anaesthetist at

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, perioperative block lead for University of

Buckingham Medical School, Governance Lead for the anaesthetic department and Trust

Lead for Appreciative Inquiry.

No previous experience is needed, all are welcome.

Members £75

Non-Members £100

Please register via the NAMEM website:


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